The Books are Here!

They arrived on Monday and we’re both thrilled and a little overwhelmed. One of us keeps catching imaginary mistakes out of the corner of her eye, kind of like that nightmare where you’re in the office, but for some reason, wearing your pajamas!

And while we know the book’s secrets, we’re happy to report that everyone who sees it (we’ve been sharing it at markets and events) is pretty impressed with the book, and really impressed with the place. They had no idea the Reserve exists, how beautiful it is, and how much food it produces.

Which was our goal all along—to let people know what a diverse and valuable place the Reserve is and should continue to be.

As with many projects, it’s great to see the end product, but on reflection, we realize it was all about the process. We are so grateful to those who encouraged us to make the book and who shared their time, talents, and stories with us.

Claudia Kousoulas