A moment of change

Everyone has their own sense of when Spring starts. Has it been a tough winter? Maybe you’ll mark Spring with that first brave crocus that pokes up through a sheltered corner of yard. Perhaps it’s March madness bracketing or the day your toes can get some sunlight in a pair of sandals. 

 For me it’s the first spring CSA share. 

 My CSA runs through the winter, delivering root vegetables, a few farmstead grocery items, and occasionally some precious tender lettuce from a hoop house grower. The initial spring share still has a few of those cold weather staples—apples and sweet potatoes that can store well through the winter, a jar of sorghum syrup or blackberry applesauce that makes best use of bruised fruit. But it also includes some harbingers—corn lettuce and lamb’s lettuce—the first greens to speckle the field. A knob of horseradish that for some is a significant part of a holiday meal, for others a tonic to brighten the blood. 

 The first share is a tentative bounty, a promise of more to come, and a comforting marker of seasonal change. Amid the surrounding nonsense, it’s something real. 

Claudia Kousoulas