We wait for this time all year—dreaming of sun-warm tomatoes, dripping sweet peaches, and corn on the cob every night. But then comes the zucchini. Dealing with glut can be a challenge and it feels wrong to waste this seasonal moment and the farmer’s hard work.

So capture them in your kitchen and enjoy them at your table. It doesn’t have to be the hot business of pickling and canning. Corn kernels can be sliced off the cob and frozen for a last-gasp-before-winter Thanksgiving corn pudding. And freeze the cobs to simmer in a full pot and make a sweet vegetable broth. There’s zucchini cake and chutneys to be made with whatever lands on the table. We love Tangy Tomato Relish (Bread & Beauty, page 189) on everything from hot dogs to ham sandwiches.

We also love ratafias—infusions of seasonal fruits and vegetables with herbs and spices—into wine, tempered with a little sugar and a splash of vodka. The combinations are limitless. Cantaloupe and pink peppercorn, apple and cinnamon stick, fennel and honeydew, or apricot—just pure perfumed apricot.

This one is peach, with a sliver of ginger and a few black peppercorns tossed in for snap. Check back in with us in October for a sip!

Claudia Kousoulas