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The Cook’s Cook

is as interested in Elizabeth Ellicott Lea as we are.

Read the article here

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The Hill Rag

Read Karen Lyon’s The Literary Hill article here


DC Refined

gets rustic!

read the article here

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A Taste of the Past

We loved chatting about the Agricultural Reserve with host Linda Pelaccio

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Foodie and the Beast

It’s a party in the Foodie and the Beast studio where we shared the cookbook!

Listen in

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knows the value of local

Screenshot 2018-12-13 11.32.27.png Explores the soul of place

in the Agricultural Reserve

read more

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Bethesda Magazine

makes a visit to the Reserve

read about it

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Montgomery Magazine

gets a taste of the Reserve here

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The Town Courier

enjoys a visit to the country

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Join Us in the Radio Kitchen

We chat with host Al Spoler about seasonal cooking

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Bread & Beauty on the Big Blend

exploring America’s great open spaces, including

Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve

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Plenty Magazine

Read about the Reserve’s history of stewardship and source of good food

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Montgomery County Food Council

We’re pleased that our local food council sees Bread & Beauty as a resource for healthy (and delicious) eating