My Story

I started Bread & Beauty in 2015 after I left my former corporate career in a blaze of burnout. Previously, I was an executive for healthcare companies and my days consisted of long hours, high stress and poor eating, usually while running between meetings. Wellness was not a priority and I sure didn’t understand balance. I was your quintessential, “type A” corporate workaholic.

Eventually, I realized my work and lifestyle were affecting my health, so I opted for a “life do-over” and quit my job. After several months off, the dots finally connected and I learned how to really nourish my body – through food and lifestyle.

Inspired by personal blogs I’d read online, I created Bread & Beauty to share my healthy recipes, globetrotting travel posts, and lessons learned in the kitchen.

Today, I’m passionate about life restarts and helping others make positive food and lifestyle changes – at any age. With delicious, wholesome, gluten-free recipes along with inspiring travel and lifestyle posts, I’m happy to show you that simple is not boring and food restrictions are not life restrictions.