Bread & Beauty: The Book

a year in montgomery county's agricultural reserve

bread & Beauty


Landscapes don't simply happen.

Just as the force and flow of ancient glaciers deposited soil and shaped hills, our decisions about property, policy, family, and food also shape the landscape. So much of what we value—a clean environment, local food, a diverse landscape, and a varied economy—comes together in Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve. The Reserve is the result of vision and hard work, and is adapting as it moves into a new generation. Beyond seasonal farm visits to pick apples or cut a Christmas tree, the Reserve needs policy and public support. Farming isn’t antique, it is current and vital to our future...


Published October 15, 2018!

320 pages, Full Color Photographs, essays and 120 recipes


from the farmers to your table

More than just a cookbook, this volume traces some of the Reserve’s history, but also the contemporary challenges faced by family farms trying to establish a new generation, new farmers seeking land and markets, and the shared community efforts required to preserve this special place.


Stories from the land

The Reserve’s calm beauty and vivid life—its people, places, animals and produce—and the seasonal recipes and feast meals highlight its bounty.

We are sure it will become a lasting (and hopefully stain-spattered) record of the people, places, and flavors of the Ag Reserve.